Baby Let Me Let You Sleep - Sweet Baboo - Im A Dancer / Songs About Sleepin / Girl Under A Tree EP (CD, Album)

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  • Jun 10,  · We also have many kinds of good songs to put a baby to sleep, and soft music for baby to sleep in a variety of styles such as classical and Mozart. Try our soft music to put baby to sleep. Music for baby to sleep, from Best baby Lullabies just for you and your baby to relax and sleep well at bedtime. Download the Night Night Lullaby.
  • Sep 25,  · We have a collection of lullaby songs for babies to go to sleep & relax listen special lullabies bedtime music for babies in english subscribe the channel to get our new videosA lullaby is a soothing piece of music, usually played or sung to young children before they go to sleep, with the intention of aiding that process. As a result, the music is often simple and kyovaurilinlivagargkanewspropexti.coinfoy.
  • Hush a bye Don't you cry Go to sleep my little baby When you wake You shall have All the pretty little to sleep sweet city And let your highway be your lullaby With nothing in my pocket a heart of stone Some folks are inspired sitting by the fire Slippers tucked under the bed But when I go to sleep I can't count sheep For the.
  • Jul 29,  · Sleep until the morning light Sleep, sleep, dreamy sleep Moon is high, shining bright Stars are twinkling in the night. On my pillow I lay my head Nice and warm here in my bed Sleep, sleep, dreamy sleep Yawning, yawning Now it's getting late Sweet dreams 'till morning It's hard to stay awake Sleepy head, sleepy head Teddy's tucked up in my bed.
  • Listen to albums and songs from Baby Sleep Sleep. Join Napster and access full-length songs on your phone, computer or home audio device.
  • Sweet Baboo's third and most ambitious album, "I'm a Dancer/Songs About Sleepin". The album - songs of lost love, girls, drinking and sleeping - was recorded at his home in North Wales with the help of a talented group of musicians.
  • Baby Video: Let Baby Sleep! Most parents simply can't resist checking up on baby while he's sleeping snugly in his bed. Watch this video to get baby's take on this parental practice!
  • Sleep, baby sleep. There are variations to the words in this one Sleep, baby, sleep, Thy father guards the sheep. Thy mother shakes the dreamland tree, And from it fall sweet dreams for thee, Sleep, baby, sleep. Sleep, baby, sleep, Our cottage vale is deep. The little lamb is on the green, With snowy fleece so soft and clean, Sleep, baby, sleep.
  • Jul 15,  · Sleep Baby Sleep Song is one of the best-known lullabies. The original version of this lullaby had been written in the German language. Over the years the melody for this song has been used in many different arrangements, for folk songs for children.

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