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  • The Kawai Concert Artist (CA) Series CA98 and CA78 are now available in beautiful ebony polish. With industry-leading keyboard actions and cutting-edge sound technology encased in gleaming ebony polish cabinets, these outstanding instruments capture the essence of playing a fine concert grand piano.
  • The Kawai Kawai K1 mkII has an average rating of out of 5.(The Kawai Kawai K1 mkII has a total of 18 reviews).
  • The Kawai MS50 seems to belong to the same series like the small Kawai MS Like the latter it has a foil keypad and plays the same cheesy monophonic tooting jingles when powered on or off, but it lacks the many "self introduction" jingles of the MS Both "ef piano" sounds contain slightly detuned chorus. "e. grand" is a synth piano with.
  • A modern digital piano that leaves a grand impression – this is the bold concept behind the new DG This striking instrument combines Kawai’s authentic digital piano keyboard and sound technologies and marries them with a contemporary grand .
  • Feb 19,  · Get a piano tuning lever. The piano tuning lever may also be called a hammer, wrench, or key. This is perhaps the most important tool in your piano tuning tool kit, so be prepared to spend a little more money to get one of quality. Look for a model labeled "apprentice," "student," or "craftsman.".
  • This track was created for the Synthstrom Online Festival #2 that was live streamed June 27th of All sounds come from the Synthstrom Deluge (Boards of Deluge soundpack & SiccaVicca drum samples). I later added some parts with my (detuned) Kawai upright piano.
  • Detuned Kawai (Ken Hayakawa Remix) (Ken Hayakawa Remix) By Didier dlb Didier dlb. 5 Album Only. Added. Buy FREE SALE Orgel 4 (Noah Pred Remix) (Noah Pred Remix).
  • Japanese phrase that means it's cute, isn't it? Many people simple use the word kawaii attempting to sound more knowledgable about other cultures.

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