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  • May 08,  · The Internal Revenue Manual distinguishes between the meaning of acquiescence, acquiescence in result only, and non-acquiescence: "Acquiescence" indicates neither approval nor disapproval of the reasons assigned by the court for its conclusions. "Acquiescence in result only" indicates disagreement or concern with some or all of those .
  • Jul 27,  · Acquiescence is just one of those records. Acting as a short precursor to the recently released Inner Hue, it’s a relatively diminutive EP at seventeen minutes but in that brief period Anenon manages to take the listener into a multitude of different spaces. Overall the release speaks of an unflinching honesty; as you are led through each of the meticulously orchestrated soundscapes there is scarcely a false .
  • Acquiescence contains ‘avowed consent’ in one hand, and ‘open discontent’ or ‘opposition’ on the other hand. The acquiescent tries to resist the defendant to his level best until the last resort.
  • Acquiescence relates to inaction during the performance of an act. In the example given above, the failure of the competitor's general counsel to object to the use of the label and to the registration of the label as a trademark in the Patent and Trademark Office is acquiescence.
  • Thus, 14% of respondents manifested acquiescence bias. Researchers generally have more confidence in the 33% result, because the question wording that generated it does not push respondents toward expressing any one of the views that they might have on the issue. Three theoretical explanations have been offered to account for acquiescence response.
  • First, some apologies for the title to this post. Non-acquiescence is a ten-dollar word for disagree. Essentially, the Department has the ability per Wis. Stat. § (7)(b) to declare publicly that it disagrees with a decision of the Labor and Industry Review Commission but will not appeal that decision into the courts. The Department has this option because an appeal of a decision into.
  • United States as mentioned in the preceding article, and the IRS non-acquiescence in the case, Action on Decision ,
  • Nonacquiescence definition, the act or condition of acquiescing or giving tacit assent; agreement or consent by silence or without objection; compliance (usually followed by to or in): acquiescence to his boss's demands. See more.

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