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  • Since plastic Man Incorporated has been providing the ultimate in Custom Fabrication. We strive in delivering the highest quality of products at affordable prices. At Plastic Man Incorporated we believe our products and services come second to none. Our Custom Fabrications is nationally renown.
  • Plastic Man 's intelligence is hardly impressive even for an average person, though Reed's mind rivals that of Tony Stark and Shuri. He is responsible for the Four's technology, has invented a spacecraft, and regularly matches wits with Victor Von Doom (who in turn is smart enough to reprogram Ultron into obeying him). 8 Villains - Mr. Fantastic.
  • May 28, - Explore CR the Artser🎨 🏽's board "Plastic Man", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Plastic man, Man, Dc heroes pins.
  • Aug 06,  · DC Comics hero Plastic Man isn't looking very heroic right now, as he just slaughtered some of his fellow DC superheroes. SPOILERS - This horrific twist in Plastic Man's character comes in DCeased.
  • Pop culture’s silliest superhero, Plastic Man is as much a humor icon as a heroic one. During a heist gone wrong, petty crook Patrick “Eel” O’Brian was doused in chemicals, allowing him to stretch his body into any shape he desires. Nursed back to health by altruistic monks, he was inspired to embrace life’s brighter side.
  • Plastic Man was born and originated in the quaint town of White River, Mpumalanga, South Africa, the heartland of the fruit and nut agricultural industry. The company specializes in the manufacturing and supply of high quality HDPE and LDPE piping, as well as a vast ranges of irrigation products from plastic pegs to micro and drip irrigation.
  • Plastic Man, like Captain Marvel, really needs to be placed into his own separate world. Kyle does a great job of establishing the classic Plastic Man universe, balancing cartooniness with a bit of an edge. Poor Plas ends up taking quite a beating in this adventure/5(7).

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